How farmers in Zanzibar are tackling climate change from the ground up

How are farmers on a small island off the coast of Tanzania adapting to climate change, restoring the local ecosystem, and protecting their livelihoods? It all starts with a spice forest, as I explain in this episode of IISD’s Down to Earth podcast.

Blog post
Beating plastic pollution before it beats us

To mark World Environment Day 2018, which focused on reducing the heavy burden plastic pollution places on nature, wildlife, and human health, I wrote this blog for IISD explaining in plain language four ways we can all make a difference.

Presenting research findings in accessible formats

I helped the Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition prepare and share their research findings in a variety of formats, including easy-to-read infographics designed to appeal to academic and non-academic audiences. 

Why gender data matters

In this opinion piece released on International Day of the Girl 2016, I argued that more needs to be done to make all girls visible, including gathering meaningful data about their lives. The article supported the launch of Counting the Invisible – a report I wrote and edited for Plan International that makes the case for improved data on the barriers facing girls and women to achieve true equality.

Feature story
Tanzania’s alternative to the Serengeti

This feature story for BBC Travel explores Mikumi National Park, an easily accessible and often overlooked safari option close to Dar es Salaam.

Copy editing
UNICEF teacher’s guide to children’s rights

This 30-page teacher’s guide to help children know their rights was among the many documents I copy-edited while working as a freelance writer and editor.